LINKiT Resources is persuasively able to expand businesses, We are globally recognized for offshore outsourcing and BPO services.

We offer customized solutions to manage the back office operation of all types of business that is needed to ensure rapid growth.

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LINKiT Resources provide Administrative Support Services internationally, that helps business owners to give a professional service to their Customers. We offer Administrative Service like managing and distributing information within an office, answering phones,  taking memos, organize files, draft messages, schedule appointments and support other staff.

Our administrative solutions are designed by highly qualified professionals , Our Trained staff are  Skilled in Communication, organizational Ability, Technology, administrative assistant works, office software programs, Written Expression, Time Management & Problem-Solving Skills.

Together, all this completes a package that can take businesses to newer heights.

Administrative Support Services, Virtual Office Support, Administrative Solutions, Virtual Admin Services


How to increase your efficiency and profits by back office outsourcing

The most valuable assets in any service industry are nothing but the manpower whose time and efforts make the business a success!  The employee is the one who gets things done.

Planning and expertise are the most important factors of a successful business, the ability to DO is what sets the executive apart from others. Most international companies conduct a refreshment training program for their executive weekly or biweekly

But that won’t take the business as high as expected, there the management needs to plan the business to grow “as a newborn grows”. Since the existing staff cannot carry out the expanding program the management needs to focus on new recruitment and training.

The new recruitments will also a motivation factor for the employees if the management can promote the experienced employees by appointing the new recruits under them.

Though this is the traditional solution of “getting additional pairs of hands” the new strategies can be implemented to serve the best interest of the business venture in terms of profits.

By outscoring LINKiT resources the manpower overheads can be reduced to 20% where the management will be able to invest the rest 80% for the growth and expanding.